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Today everyone is busy in promoting their website. In this competitive market, there are several measures that help one to promote their website and hence achieve their business goal. Different people use different ways to promote their site. But one of the common methods to promote the site is by articles.

Many people now days are fond of reading articles. Therefore, while you write the article you can make some key words inside the article. These keywords would be the name of your internet site. You can put as many keywords inside your article as you wish to, but the article shouldn’t look clumsy. The moment you finish writing make them, the hyperlinks to your site. Thus when an individual is reading the article, whenever he or she clicks the link they are at your site. However, you should be careful enough about too many links to one site as this might increase the web traffic.

Hence you can place links inside the article with the help of the hyperlink option. But to make out which ones will be used to make links you have to make it bold during the time you write the article. The number of links to your site this will help you to increase your Google ranks. However, before you place links to your site you should remind that same link should not link to same site. In addition, it is recommended that there shouldn’t be more than twenty links pointing to your site. This will lower the PR rating of your site. Thus to increase your PR rating you should decrease the number of links pointing your site.

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