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How does the block salt is used as a water softener ?

Date Added: August 24, 2010 05:45:52 AM
Author: Jacinta Adam
In the middle of 1980s, Block Salt was discovered by “Harvey Bowden” and it was in the year 1950, the Kinetico Ltd brought the salt softener in block in the market. Until that period only the table salt or granules were available in the market to soften water. The Kinetico Block softener for salt made a good position in the market and is running successfully since then. This company was founded by the partnership of New Cheshire Salt Works Ltd and Harvey softener Ltd which was brought together under the leadership of the British Salt. Now Kinetico the company preparing block salt has established a partnership with British salt. It is a fact that Water is an essential source of life. The people all over the world are supplied water from different sources and no one actually knows that how many harmful minerals are present in this supply. Sometimes along with this supplied water a lot of impurities and harmful minerals enter the human’s body that results in various harmful diseases. As the water supply source is different in every country, people employ different measures to purify the water. One such commonly used method in the process of purifying the water using the water softener. Block salt is also one of the water softeners that reduce the hardening of the metal concentration. This helps in getting riddance from all such impurities. This kind of salt softener is used in many softening methods where the heavy ions of magnesium and calcium are changed by lighter potassium or sodium ions. The water softener salts is that substance which helps in softening the hardness of water. There are many sources available in the market which can soften the water. Block salt is also one of such source through which the water can be softened. Block salt is easy to use and easy to weigh because it is available in small and compact sized packets. It is noteworthy that 4kg of salt is enough to soften the water of the whole water purifying plant. The block salt is necessary for the regeneration process and this salt not only softens the water but also maintains the purifying system. The Block Salt is a naturally formed chemical that helps in removing the ions from hard water. It is formed by the deposition of various minerals under the earth’s surface and by the evaporation of lakes and oceans. A professionally skilled person separates the block salts from the other salts by using special techniques and methods which eventually helps in the process of water purifying. Block salt helps to kill all the germs and bacteria present in the hard water. If the water consumers do not eliminate the viruses, bacteria fungi and all the harmful minerals which are present in the water then it may result in many harmful diseases. So if you want to prevent yourself from the diseases then you should use block salt. Block salt is easily available in various shops in the market and can be carried easily.
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