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The Anorexic Diet (www.anorexic-diet.org)

Date Added: July 26, 2010 11:46:51 AM
Author: Lizzie Miller
Category: Health
We live in society where style has taken over. We see it in newspapers, magazines and on the television everyday. Women are on the quest to become the thinnest they can possibly be, we are constantly competing against each other to look the most beautiful whether it be competing against friends, enemies or even family. Some believe that it’s the media’s fault for this competition but it has been brought up many times in Human Evolution. Men are wired to be more attracted to the girls that are slimmer and fitter. Due to this women are getting thinner and more beautiful. It has caused countless of women to go through anorexia. They end up starving themselves and eating under the recommended daily calorie intake (2000 for a woman) and suffer a deadly list of side effects. There are many beautiful celebrities that are anorexics such as Victoria Beckham, Lindsey Lohan and Mary-Kate Olson. Anorexia occurs when a person becomes so obsessive about their weight and ends up starving themselves causing them to go thin together with a bunch of nasty side effects such as weaker bones, loss of heart muscle, growth of fine hairs on arms and even death. But is there a way to get the anorexic look without all these side effects? Is there such a thing as an anorexic diet, the anorexic diet being a diet that makes you thin but is completely safe from the dangerous side effects? Also once you have reached a goal weight using the anorexic diet is there such a way to stop the weight from piling back due to low metabolism? You’ll be glad to hear, the answer is yes, A secret anorexic diet does exist. Here are 4 tips from it: 1. Eating more negative calorie foods, - These are foods where your body uses more calories to digest them than the calories the food actually contains, so they have negative calories. These foods include apples, carrots, mango and celery. 2. Drink more Green Tea - Green tea has been proven to lower cholesterol levels, as well as fatty acids. 3. Get you hands on some Apple cider vinegar as it speeds up metabolism especially when taken regularly before meals 4. Get More Sleep - Medical research has proven that sleep deprivation induces hunger, and improves appetite. There are many ways us women can chose to lose weight, however for some just a bunch of tips and exercise is not enough. Some of us need a system, a step by step system that will make us lose weight that is easy to follow, healthy and very effective. One such method is on the powerful anorexic diet. You can find more information about the anorexic diet on www.anorexic-diet.org. Lizzie Miller has helped thousands of women across the globe lose weight using anorexic methods. She is known to be the expert in the field the field of anorexic diet. Click here now to access her popular website: www.anorexic-diet.org.
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