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The Case For Israel Flotilla Raid

Date Added: June 14, 2010 06:06:50 AM
Author: emanuelsha
Category: Business & Economy
The moment I heard of the tragedy that occurred when Israeli commandos were trying to stop a flotilla ship heading to Gaza, which unfortunately has resulted in loss of lives, I quickly begun reading articles from major news networks. However, it is unfortunate that most of the published articles and news networks broadcasted opinions and judgments even though facts and details were not completely released and it was still unclear exactly what happened. This has resulted in press and influenced followers accusing Israeli commandos to be murderers and that it was the act of massacre in the procedure. Later when facts and details of the raid were released, it resulted in a full understanding of the situation. The fact that Israeli commandos were attacked with batons, stabbed with knives and were shot at with guns was ignored by the media, and in most cases not even stated. When it was first announced that the flotilla aid mission was being planned, Israel warned participants that it would not allow them enter into the Gaza ports due to Naval Blockade, and if these activists wanted to help people in Gaza then they could send the aid to Israel and the Israeli's would then transfer it to the strip along with the other aid that is shipped over on a daily basis. The Flotilla mission however ignored the warnings and proceeded as initially planned. As they were approaching Gaza, they were given three options: the first option was to go to the port of Ashdod so shipment on board could be checked by customs for security reasons. Second option was to turn around and go back to their home countries. Third option, their ships would be boarded by the IDF (Israel Defense Force) and taken to Ashdod port, where activists would be arrested for trying to break the naval blockade. There were six ships that were part of the flotilla in which five of them were taken by the IDF without any resistance except for the Mavi Marmara ship, which did not cooperate. Once the commandos began boarding the ship, these so called peace "activists" instantly attacked them with knives and batons. Israeli commandos had paintball guns and pistols with live ammunition. They were only to use the pistols if their lives were in danger. When activists began beating and stabbing the commandos with batons and knives, the Israeli commandos had no other option but to defend themselves. These "activists" sure sound peaceful. Activists beat and stripped a couple of commandos of their pistol, then began shooting at the Israeli commandos. Activists used firebombs and stunt grenades as well. Only then the commander permitted his commandos to return fire. "We knew there would be resistance, but not at such an enormous scale," said Captain R., who led one of the teams and was wounded in the mission. "Every (activist) that approached us wanted to kill us." "I was the second to be lowered in by rope," said Captain R. "My comrade who had already been dropped in was surrounded by a bunch of people. It started off as a one-on-one fight, but then more and more people started jumping us. I had to fight against quite a few terrorists who were armed with knives and batons." "At that point, another twenty people starting coming at me from every direction," said Captain R. "They jumped at me and hurled me to the deck below the bridge. Then I felt a stabbing in my stomach - it was a knife. I pulled it out and somehow managed to get to the lower level. There, was another mob of people." It is time for world leaders to speak up and take initiative by informing the International community that instead of labeling Israel as war criminals, Israel's act should be recognized as justifiable self-defense. Israel repeatedly notified the activists that they could not enter Gaza ports due to Naval Blockade. Israel informed the activists of their options. When Israeli commandos boarded the ship, a mob of activists violently attacked with full force. Only Israel gets such harsh criticism after soldiers fight to defend for their lives. In addition, video evidence displays the Israeli commandos being attacked by these activists. People of decency must now declare that false and misleading publicity and false judgment must stop now. United Nations and European Union shouldn't have made statements denouncing Israel before getting all the facts. False allegation and propaganda news is what fuels and motivates world terror. As most people, I am deeply saddened by loss of lives. The fact is that Israeli commandos are permitted and have the full right to defend themselves and their citizens. Israeli army in most cases does act in the highest standard of moral behavior, and in this case undeniably Israel did so. If you are looking to know more about the case for Israel flotilla raid you should definitely visit http://caseforisrael.wordpress.com.
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