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Car Moving Is No Longer A Difficult Task - Read This Guide

Date Added: November 30, 2011 04:28:41 AM
Author: Robert Fish
Moving a car from one place to another sounds like a difficult task, but planning ahead and choosing the right car courier company is important to a successful move. Car transport service As far as car transportation is concerned, there are 3 main options as belows.: 1) Driving the car from collection to destination 2) The car is transported on a single car trailer 3) Transporting the car on a multi-car trailer Having a trade plates driver driving your car to is destination is the cheapest way to have it transported. However, there are disadvantages. Since the car is being driven on the road, it is more likely to get damaged en route. Secondly, it will increase the mileage of the car, which may be significant for longer trips. , as the cost is not split with other customers. However, you will be more likely to find a car transporter on short notice, so this is the suitable option for urgent deliveries. If your vehicle is irreplaceable or particularly valuable, you may choose to have an enclosed trailer, but this option is more expensive. Using a multi-car trailer is a value for money option, as your car gets transported (not driven) and the cost can be divided between many customers. Car transport companies of this type operate regular runs across the country so it’s also very easy to find one with a short notice. However, door to door delivery will be unlikely - with this method, the car transporter will generally deliver the car to a nearby hub, from where you can collect the car. Compare prices Calling around for a few quotes before accepting one is a good practice. Family, friends and your local car dealers are good resources which can recommend you a car transport company. Feel free to have a look at Yellow Pages as well as online resources. Car transport company Insurance It is essential to check the insurance policies of your car transportation company for all eventualities - accident, fire, theft etc. You should check not only the type of damage catered for, but the financial level of damage covered. Some car insurance services also cover the car whilst in transport so it’s worth having a look at your current car insurance plan. If not, you might be able to insure the car whilst being transported with a small fee. Your own insurer may be more reliable than the transport company, so this is worth considering if only for your own peace of mind. Whether it's car transport, transport de voitureor transporte de coches - you will always have to make sure the insurance is correct. Can the car transport company be trusted? It is very important to make sure that the car transport company are reliable and can be trusted with your car. Whilst problems seem to be rare, they can occur - so it is important to prevent them at the earliest stage. Simply ""Googling"" the company should bring up any worrying reviews. Handling Payment & Deposit As soon as you decide which car transport company to be used, you should agree on payment terms. It is normal to pay a deposit of up to 25% at the early stages. Check The Small Print It is important to make sure that any promises, payment terms or ""what happens if it goes wrong"" details are written down and signed, so they can be enforced as a contract if need be. If you are unhappy with any of the terms in the contract, or they are inconsistent, ask for them to be changed. Car Transport Preparation Although the car transport company normally provide tips and guidance, it is important to prepare your car before transporation 1) Clean the car. 2) Make a note of any chips, dents or any other damage already done to the car. 3) Take some high quality photographs of the car, especially the damages and note down the date. You should also remove any personal items from the car, as these will most likely be uninsured during transportation. Particularly heavy items could also increase the weight, increasing the likelihood of damage in transport. It’s also important to make sure the car is working to avoid delays - although it will be driven little (if at all), mechanical failures can cause substantial delay. 1)Make sure batteries are charged and all the tyres are fully inflated. 2) Top up all mechanical fluids in the car, and if possible drain the petrol to all that is needed to save on weight. 3) Inform the car transport company about any leaks. If the leak is non-dangerous, it will be solved by putting your car at the bottom of a multi-car trailer. 4) If the car has a soft or retractable roof, ensure that it is securely down, retract the antenna and move in any wing mirrors. 5) If your car is alarmed, it will probably have a tow function, which disables the tilt alarm so that the car can be lifted without setting it off.
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