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Brief Statistics of the Wine Goblet

Date Added: October 07, 2011 07:53:37 PM
Author: Jeffrey Peltier
Category: Shopping: Gifts
Stemware comes in so many varieties that its kind of over whelming, but never the less, they all have a specific purpose for their shape, size and weight. Goblets in general, all have a stem although there are wine glasses with no stem and are mostly intended for tasting and they also come in different sizes and weights but are not usually intended for the overall function of enjoying a glass of fine wine or a brandy. Goblets were first made of baked clay and also wood. Introduced in the Pleistocene era, both of which are still used today but are not as popular as blown glass. There are however, inexpensive goblets that are formed and not blown and these are often molded to copy expensive crystal like Riedel and Waterford. Sometimes only an experienced collector could tell the difference. So watch out for fakes. In most cases though because of its popularity and afordability if the web sight you go to is resonably priced and clames their colection is hand blown crystal glass! I would suspect in most cases you are getting genuine crystal glass. Introduced by the Phoenicians, along came bronze offering an elegant option to the goblet and a lot of dinnerware. From early 1300s to 1800s leather was also used and was known as a blackjack something that is not found very often these days. Silver was introduced by the French and used mostly by the upper class and was marked with a hallmark in an inconspicuous spot proving its authenticity and often giving the artist credit. Silver was the most collectable in its popular era and still catches the eye of a serious collector. Pewter is an interesting metal for fine dinnerware and is still quite collectible. How ever inexpensive pewter is not a suitable alloy for a functional drinking vessel or for functional table ware, as it is an alloy and may contain a generous amount of lead, as much as 85% blended with other metals; most popular are tin,copper,antimony and bismuth. It could be considered the poor man's silver but is still worthy of being collectable. However leaded crystal glass is also a very glamorous collectable and it is sometimes cut by a skilled glass cutter. The faceting of it being cut refracts the light into fascinating rainbow patterns when viewed in the sun light. Not all fine quality crystal glass is cut however. You can test to see if your crystal wine glass is genuine just tap the rim with your fingernail or the chamber of the goblet with a solid object like the handle of a spoon and it should ring like a bell and not go clunk as plain glass does. Regardless of the medium used, to make a goblet it still remains the acceptable vessel for fine wines and brandy and the shape is still considered the most popular for just such beverages. The shape has a lot to do with the name given such as white wine goblet, red wine goblet and water goblet. They all have the traditional stem with a globular shape for the contents, although it is simply a more specific and glamorous name for a wine glass. Today when someone says goblet it reminds most of us of the magical Goblet of Fire in the Harry Potter stories and movies. Regardless of the magic you are trying to conger with your goblet, consider the overall elegance of using the right vessel for the beverage served and enjoy!
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